Darifenacin is primarily used to reduce muscular contractions of the urinary tract and the bladder. If the bladder is overactive then Darifenacin can be used to curtail symptoms of incontinence and urgent urination.

When not to use it

Darifenacin should not be consumed if the patient is already allergic to these active pharmaceutical ingredients. If the person has angle glaucoma or there is difficult in urination or stomach blockage then Darifenacin should not be consumed.

If you have had a history of liver diseases, a condition of glaucoma or a specific muscular disorder then you need to inform your physician before consuming Darifenacin. In addition, if there is a blockage in the intestines or the stomach then too you should avoid consuming these active pharmaceutical ingredients. If the weather is very hot or you exercise excessively you should prevent dehydration of the body by drinking lots of water. It is because Darifenacin can reduce your ability to sweat and this can cause conditions like heat strokes.

Side effects

Common side effects associated with consumption of Darifenacin include vision impairment or specific reactions with the vision. If you are driving or working on something that requires high clarity of vision you need to consume Darifenacin cautiously.

Certain medicines can also have adverse reactions with Darifenacin. Hence before you begin treatment with the active pharmaceutical ingredients present in this medicine you should tell your physician about it. Several herbal supplements, vitamins and minerals and drugs can interact with Darifenacin and cause a reaction. Never start a new treatment of medicines unless you have informed your doctor about it. Some side effects by consuming Darifenacin include feeling very thirsty, dryness and hotness in the skin, stomach pains, pain or burning while urinating or even constipation.

Things to discuss with physician

If you have already had allergic reactions with Darifenacin then you should avoid consumption of the drug at all costs. If you have narrow or untreated angle glaucoma you should inform your physician. If there is a disorder of the stomach resulting in delay of emptying the stomach then too you should tell your doctor before taking Darifenacin.

If you have problems urinating then too you should inform your physician. If you have had a history of liver diseases, glaucoma, ulcerative colitis, intestine or stomach blockage, muscular disorders like myasthenia gravis etc. you should inform your physician before taking Darifenacin. If such conditions exist you may require a smaller dose of Darifenacin or an alteration in the frequency. You may also need to undergo certain tests to check if it is safe for you to take Darifenacin.


If you are pregnant taking Darifenacin can prove harmful for the fetus. Some reports suggest that Darifenacin can pass through breast milk and hence affect nursing. If you are breast-feeding your baby make sure to tell your doctor before starting to take Darifenacin.

Dosage and administration

Darifenacin should be taken exactly how the physician asked you to take it. Dosage instructions and quantity should be strictly followed. The medicine Darifenacin should be stored away from light, heat or moisture.