Candesartan is primarily used to treat cases of hypertension. Marketed under the brand name of Cilexetil, it is manufactured by Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Astra Zeneca company. There are several medicines, which contain the active pharmaceutical ingredients of Candesartan and these drugs are called Ratacand, Blopress, Amias as well as Atacand.

Primary uses

Candesartan is primarily used to treat patients with a case of hypertension. It helps reduce mortality rates and morbidity aspects in patients suffering from congestive kind of heart failure. Most doctors prescribe an ACE Inhibitor to reduce hypertension but if Candesartan is prescribed along with it then it provides significantly better results. If a patient is intolerant towards conventional ACE Inhibitor therapies then Candesartan usage can prove beneficial in alleviating such conditions.

Diuretic formulations

Candesartan is used along with a diuretic formulation, called hydrochlorothiazide to help accomplish added antihypertensive results. This Candesartan and diuretic combination comprises a low percentage of diuretic. Common trade names of such formulations of Candesartan and a diuretic are known as Ratacand Plus, Atacand HCT, Blopress Plus as well as Hytacand etc.

How it works chemically

The active pharmaceutical ingredients of Candesartan get metabolized thoroughly by intestinal walls in the stomach. The presence of esterases inside these walls make this possible. This destabilization results in active Candesartan substances. By using prodrug formulations of Candesartan the overall bioavailability can be enhanced significantly. However, even though this is the case, the overall bioavailability is less at a 15% concentration of Candesartan and upto a range of 40% concentration.

Positive results

Random tests on patients with hypertension over a span of four years revealed that treating the person with Candesartan proved beneficial. The bodies of such patients were able to easily tolerate Candesartan drugs and subsequent hypertension chances were dramatically reduced as well. Thus, as per the results of all the random experiments and trials conducted, it appears that the drug Candesartan is useful for treating hypertension patients.

Dosage and administration

Candesartan drug is available as an over counter drug under the trade names as mentioned above. The dosage differs from once or twice in a day and one can consume the tablet without intake of food. Overdose of the Candesartan drug is strongly prohibited as it can cause a reaction. Although Candesartan can control cases of hypertension and high levels of BP it cannot completely cure the situation. One should not stop consuming the drug Candesartan without consulting with one’s doctor.

Precautions to observe

If you are being treated with Candesartan there are a few things you should keep in mind. If you are allergic to the active pharmaceutical ingredients in this drug or any medicine like Capoten, Lotensin, Monopril, Vasotec or even Prinivil you should not take Candesartan. Whether you are currently taking non-prescription or prescription based medicines, you should inform your doctor about all such medicines. If you are consuming water pills, any kind of barbiturates, ibuprofen or naproxen kind of medications you should inform your doctor before taking Candesartan. If you have had a history of liver, kidney or heart disease in the past or a case of diabetes you should tell your doctor. If you are undergoing surgery, even dental surgery you should inform the doctor about your taking Candesartan.