Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)

We are the leading supplier and manufacturer of pharma ingredients. The various active pharmaceutical ingredients need special certification and stringent manufacturing standards for them to be sold. We have all the necessary certification and processes required to deliver exceptional quality pharma ingredients. We also provide customized pharma ingredients to our customers according to their individual needs.

Chemical expertise

Our decades of experience in manufacturing high quality pharma ingredients has set us apart from the scores of other providers in the market today. We pride ourselves on superior customer satisfaction. We partner with clients to ensure accompaniment across all the life cycle stages of pharma ingredients manufacture and marketing. No matter what the unique requirements of our customers are, we ensure that we deliver beyond expectations.

Why you need to know about pharma ingredients

As a customer, it is essential that you know about the various kinds of pharma ingredients available in the market and how these affect the constitution of medicines. Many of these active pharmaceutical ingredients are marketed under differing trade names by various pharmaceutical companies. Some of these pharma ingredients can cause serious side effects if not administered properly or under specific conditions.

Often, other pharma ingredients can be confused with other drug names because of the similarity in names. For example, under the buprenorphine pharma ingredients category there are two types of medicines namely Subutex and Suboxone. Both have their own individual concentrations of the active pharmaceutical ingredients. Suboxone is seen to be more effective as an anti-opiate drug. It helps combat opioid tendencies better. Nowadays, even patches of buprenorphine are available in the market to combat severe and chronic pain.

Many customers do not know of the latest technological advancements happening in the realm of pharma ingredients. This can prove as a setback because you maybe having a problem without realizing that the cure for it actually exists. This is where our site helps you. You can get access to a wealth of information by way of educational articles on various pharma ingredients. Right from active pharmaceutical ingredients such as buprenorphine to candesartan to many others, we cover it all.

What our articles include

Here you will find detailed information on all possible pharma ingredients. Right from their appearances, to trade names under which these are marketed, companies which manufacture them, the required dosage of such pharma ingredients as well as precautions to observe, we include all of this. In addition, we also include information on which other drugs can react with these pharma ingredients and how to avoid such instances from occurring.

We also list down potential risks associated by consumption of certain pharma ingredients as well as what concentrations are considered ‘normal’ and what falls under the category of an ‘overdose’. We are confident that by reading our articles on the various active pharmaceutical ingredients you will be more educated and knowledgeable about the subject. You can have more informed discussions with your doctor and make better decisions about buying such pharma ingredients.